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Nicole has made a major breakthrough: the creation of an

The EAGLES are one of the most influential and commercially successful American rock bands of all time. With their profound lyrics, harmonies and country tinged melodies, they created a signature Southern California sound. The Eagles have sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, have scored six 1 albums and have …

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Royally Screwed Up: Kucabara’s family

Japanese Pronouns: Yushiro uses the typical male protagonist “Ore”, Hayakawa uses the standard military “Jibun”, and Misuzu uses “Watakushi” to demonstrate her status as The Ojou. Katanas Are Just Better: Subverted; the Kugai tried to use one against one of symbols Fakes. only to get its arm blown off by …

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Splash Panel: Kirby was possibly the king of the splash page

Severed Head Sports: Invoked with the Sword of Multiball; pinballs are queued up beneath the sword http://www.asspiccolocarro.it/we-bounce-ideas-off-one-another-and-chloe-confidence-in-me/, and each time it drops a ball rolls into action. Splash Panel: Kirby was possibly the king of the splash page. Loveable Rogue: Starbuck is a pretty likeable guy when you aren’t annoyed …

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