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Royally Screwed Up: Kucabara’s family

Japanese Pronouns: Yushiro uses the typical male protagonist “Ore”, Hayakawa uses the standard military “Jibun”, and Misuzu uses “Watakushi” to demonstrate her status as The Ojou. Katanas Are Just Better: Subverted; the Kugai tried to use one against one of symbols Fakes. only to get its arm blown off by …

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Splash Panel: Kirby was possibly the king of the splash page

Severed Head Sports: Invoked with the Sword of Multiball; pinballs are queued up beneath the sword http://www.asspiccolocarro.it/we-bounce-ideas-off-one-another-and-chloe-confidence-in-me/, and each time it drops a ball rolls into action. Splash Panel: Kirby was possibly the king of the splash page. Loveable Rogue: Starbuck is a pretty likeable guy when you aren’t annoyed …

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It’s not all flowers and butterflies there

The camera operators borrow a lot of techniques from the conventions of actual porn: “pornographic gaze”, extreme close ups with shallow depth of field, careful cropping and lighting, soft focus, even shapes and arrangement vaguely resembling parts of anatomy. Another Sonic Says segment has Stella McCartney Replica bags Sonic give …

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Even the Girls Want Her Former Child Star: Averted

Facial Markings: The above picture is a milder example. Even the Girls Want Her Former Child Star: Averted, especially since her Star Making Role came after puberty. Butt Monkey: When there is an Appmon running havoc thanks to the L virus http://lookingnothing.com/2012/11/09/this-not-only-provides-experience-which-helps-in-the-future/, the guy in an afro will always be …

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