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It’s been a tremendous privilege and honour

GEORGIA COMMISSIONER NONCOMPLIANT NYT’s Robbie Brown reports: “The insurance commissioner of Georgia has chosen not to comply with a federal request to create a state pool for high risk insurance plans, opening a new front in the resistance by state Republican officials to the new federal health care law. The …

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He is good with After Effects

Pet Baby Wild Animal: Kelly’s hedgehog, Kilgore, though the “baby” part is negligible. Polar Opposite Twins: Jos and her twin sister Bianca. Pun Based Title Relationship Upgrade: Kelly and Ryan; though outside of one comic of them hanging out without Ginger, little has changed in the comic. Running Gag: Ginger …

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They deferred to his judgement in the studio

Record Producer: George Martin, who told the Beatles he would work on the project if he was “actually allowed to produce it”, as he had been estranged from involvement in their affairs lately. They deferred to his judgement in the studio, leading to more productive if not necessarily more harmonious …

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