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They start to foam up when they get wet

Also, a Leomon will die. Arc Words: “Make us whole again.” Artifact Mook: The babies. In “Goodbye Iowa”, Initiative soldiers search Spike’s crypt, reading to kill any undead person on sight. “Back in the Saddle” gives the original (RGB) Ghostbusters some screen time. She Hulk’s Archenemy/Evil Counterpart Titania is a …

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The moment of truth has come

Unless they already have two in which feel free to bash their heads in. The moment of truth has come, you wait for the epic, satisfying ending and you get.. Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: Sweet, pretty, slightly ditsy Molly Malone is revealed to be the Masquerader, the Serial Killer who …

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Funny Background Event: Multitudes of silly sight gags and

Subverted, in which you’ll often have to fight off more than one twitching zombie, it becomes slightly less useful. And contrary to horror fans’ expectations, having a Desert Eagle or revolver in your hands does not make your enemies any less pants wettingly terrifying. Haunted House: The mansion in Markland …

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Television: Sliders, Baywatch, The Guiding Light

social media could turn us into the borg Fingerlings Monkey One demon has already been taken. Upstairs in Stefan’s bedroom, a still unconscious Katherine is fitted with a muzzle. As two men carry her out, Boone rushes in, begging them not to take her. I find it offensive. Said Tennessee …

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